Writers' Ink / Media - A Texas Literary Agency
Writers' Ink / Media  is a Texas Literary Agency dedicated to bringing quality manuscripts to publishers.
But we are not limited to Texas Writers. We are international.
Established 1-24-2004 in Montgomery County, Texas, USA.
Owner/Literary Agent, Pat (Poland) Haarhaus
Prior profession :  Freelance writer for newspapers and magazines with over 500 articles published. Edited a movie script, Where the Buffalo Roams by Deep Spirit Productions in California, which won the 1999 New York Film Festival first prize for small documentary. I've edited two tv pilot sitcoms, written press releases publicizing community events, written news articles and forwarded them to Reuters World Wide Wire, published poetry in a chapbook in The Netherlands and wrote the jacket blurb for this, written investigative articles, interviewed authors about their books, written radio advertisements, program articles, and published three clubs newsletters.
President of Scribblers of Conroe, TX. disbanded on 9-17-2018
Poets Unleashed of Conroe, TX   (member)
Academy of American Poets.. New York, NY  (member)
Cambridge Who's Who
POW of Florida Team member...agent
The Woodlands Writers Conference..The Woodlands, TX ..agent (March 5, 2005)   
POW Writers Conference..Jacksonville, FL, invited as agent Nov 2007
The Lexicon Writers Conference, Denton, Tx- July 2012
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